How It Works

We are giving you a 10-minute FREE TRIAL so we can somehow get to know each other. This will also give you an idea whether these English tutorials are right for you and suitable for your learning experience. Call us on Skype or send us an email and schedule your FREE TRIAL.

This online training or tutorial is a ONE-ON-ONE teaching method.

If you are camera shy and would not want to be seen on video, then do not turn on your web camera. The choice is yours.

Sometimes technical issues will occur (e.g., dropped connections, power outages, etc.) Should a technical difficulty cause the cancellation of a session, it will be rescheduled at the next most convenient time for the student and instructor.

When canceling or rescheduling, please give us a one-week advance notice via email. There will be no refunds once a session has begun.

Download and install Skype on your computer, iPad, tablet or smart phone. Skype is a small piece of free software that lets you use your computer like a phone so you can talk online with us anywhere in the world. It's free to download, free to use.  You may also want to visit & search for Skype tutorial.

You will need an internet connection, preferably a high-speed connection (DSL or Broadband).

You will also need a computer headset.

Once you have everything set up, sign up for your first session. Call us on Skype or email us to arrange your schedule.

If you have any specific topics you would like to talk about during the conversation, please include that in your email.

Looking forward to talk with you soon!